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Videoproc Review: A Program to edit and rotate 4k videos

Videoproc Review: A Program to edit and rotate 4k videos

Nowadays it is important to have a camera whether it is for smartphones or cameras. Video processing is therefore very important. Cameras have become very high-resolution images up to 4k. And to process and rotate MP4 video such clips difficult to find a simple program and easy for beginners to do this process. As everyone knows there are many programs that offer these services, whether they are free or paid programs, but the problem is that most programs provide bad services. So today we will identify a simple and easy solution to modify and rotate 4K MP4 videos in a very easy and simple way.
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What is Videoproc?

VideoProc is a 4K video processing and editing tool powered by full GPU acceleration supported by Intel, AMD and Nvidia graphics processors, providing video editing and 4K rotation without affecting the quality of the original.

This program is a 4K video editing software. It helps users to convert video and audio formats easily without loss of quality and provides convenient features for video editing, compression, download, and features. Convert videos to iPhone 265.H / HVC video to 264.H to make it compatible with all video players, and edit them. Convert video parameters to iPhone such as frame rate, bitrate, resolution to make video playback smooth on third-party video players (eg, converting video to 60pps from 4K to 30FPS) or reduce file size. AVI, FLV, MKV, etc. to MOV, MP4 to run successfully on iPhone.

Unique Level-3 GPU acceleration: Video processing speed up to 47 times, video quality without loss, greatly reducing CPU usage to 40%. Support for smooth 4K UHD video conversion. Convert any video to all models for iPhone, iPad, Android, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Without the need for complicated settings manually, it can work with any Android phone intuitive interface and easy operations. Finished video conversion on iPhone phones with just one click. Download YouTube videos and 1000 other sites. Edit, cut, merge videos, add filters and subtitle to videos. Convert all kinds of DVDs to playable videos.

How to rotate videos with VideoProc?

In order to properly rotate video clips, please follow the steps below:

Step1: The first thing you need a program called VideoProc you can download the program from the official website you can download it in a freeway or buy an advanced version of the program. After choosing the right option for you, set the program to your computer whether running Windows or Mac. Then open the program to run it.

Step2: Select "Video", At the top of the program select the option to add video"Video+", Then the program will direct you to your computer files. Select the video clip you want to rotate. VideoProc supports MP4 video clips by iPhone or Android or Action cameras like GoPro etc. After you've added your clip, just click Rotate to get the rotation features.

Step3: Now you will get an interface in order to rotate you. The program lets you rotate your clip either left, right, vertical or horizontal. These features will solve the problem of the clips in the wrong direction, Select your appropriate option. You can even specify the rotation angle for left and right.

It enables you to rotate videos by 90/180/270 degrees. Whatever the file your captured is 4K with 60fps/120fps/240fps, or high speed videos captured with 120fps /240fps, or slow motion videos, VideoProc can easily process them with the GPU acceleration.

Step4: Now just press Done to return to the previous interface and press Run to complete the process and extract the video.

This is clip is just a tutorial clip for Rotate MP4 video.

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