Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The application "Cleaner Lite" from the Chinese company Xiaomi is now available to all!

Smartphones quickly fill up with multimedia files, whether they are pictures while attending a concert, downloading new episodes of favourite series, or installing new app updates. The easiest and simplest solution when mobile memory is full is to delete unnecessary data and files, and this process can be difficult manually.

The Chinese company Xiaomi launched its own application called "Cleaner Lite" on Google Play, designed to clear the memory of the smartphone from files and the remains of updates. Previously, it was only available on devices that have MIUI, but now everyone can download the app.

Cleaner Lite provides the most necessary functions, including clearing the cache, removing the remaining data and application installation packages, as well as access and see which files take up a lot of space on your phone.

In addition, Xiaomi's Cleaner Lite automatically searches for duplicate, blurry and random images and you can selectively or collectively delete them.

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